Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Politics Unusual!

I have heard for many months now that today's election will be historic.  Some have used the term "for better or for worse' when saying that.  But think about this...

Issues and emotions,
'for better or for worse.'
If we let such 'come to a head,'
the same would be a curse!
Each one of us, we differ,
with views that be so strong;
that doesn't mean we can't reside
or fail to get along!
If my relationship with you
depends upon your view,
then surely it's the heart of ME
that God needs to renew!
Friendship should be deeper than
'political' or other;
when all is said and done, we'll still
remain sister and brother!

Too much pain and anguish comes
about this time of year;
too many, the emotions
generating hate and fear!
BUT GOD will still be in control
when all is said and done!
Despite your vote, make sure your heart
belongs to Christ the Son!!

For that is the ONLY way that we can forge ahead: with JESUS CHRIST leading!  His Word says that he raises people up and takes them down at His choosing.  Yes, get out and vote!  But let not your personal views come between you and your brother.  Each of us need one another to succeed!


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