Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Only One Name!

'Love.'  There are many 'definitions' of it.  But there in one ONE Name:  Jesus Christ!

Jesus Christ, unchangeable,
then, now and forever!
You are His and He will leave
your situation NEVER!
This world and its circumstance,
no moment, are the same,
but there is sure security
in Jesus and His Name!

There is no limit to the things
that each of us go through;
and it would seem, each situation,
unto us, be new!
But He has seen it all before
and suffered all the more,
but His embrace upon your life
needs no cause to restore!

Suffering and service to
the point we hasten not,
yet, every facet of our lives,
securely He has got!
Press on!  Press on, therefore, regardless
what is in your sight
KNOWING He contains your life,
and YOU are His delight!!

How can one fathom such love as this?  There be some that CANNOT accept love such as this!  But it is real!  JESUS IS REAL!  And His love is more than anything this world can offer or imagine!

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