Sunday, November 29, 2020

November from the Road

Heading down this highway, I come upon a sight that steels me and I must pull over to take it in completely...

Snow is gently dusting
upper ridges of the view
the morning sun illuminates
against the endless blue!
Majestic is the western range
that's mesmerizing now!
To take it in, slow the pace
of 'everyday...' somehow!
It is a necessary pause
provided by The One
Who speaks the mountain range afar
by saying "It is done!"
He speaks the word or waves His hand
and sights like this appear,
detailed and so beautiful
it even brings a tear!

"O thank You for the beauty of
the seasons--so alive!
The boldness and the subtleties
even as they arrive!
You are the lone Creator of
what no one else can do!
I contemplate the mighty landscape
and give praise to You!"

Yea, if one would only pause to look around, glory would shout out...or whisper!  God knows exactly how to get our attention when He needs to...even as I'm on an empty highway heading west with this truck.  Someone is blessed receiving these Christmas gifts, and I am blessed receiving these winter visions!
God is so good to us!

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