Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Necessary necessity!

Away from the fray for the moment.  Here to regroup and recharge, KNOWING that He will restore that which be necessary to go on...

Calm and quiet conquer as
He walks and talks with me.
So precious and so valuable
these moments are to be!
Even now in a new world
so busy, yet confined;
in Him, a piece of 'normalcy,'
but each day I can find!
In Him, all answers lessen as
the world scrambles about;
He turns the volume down on all
the chatter and the shout
and causes me to hear again
the sweet simplicity
of His voice, His blest creation,
and life as it SHOULD be!

What a precious time before
I step into the fray
that seems to be the normalcy
here in the latter day.
Too, it is so encouraging--
that blessed time we share--
the Lord and I in His creation
in the morning air!

And it doesn't even have to be morning!  You can have that calm and quiet within you whenever, wherever, as God is omnipresent at all times, providing perfect peace to them that desire it!

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