Saturday, November 21, 2020

Morning Words

 Ahhh....finally, a few moments to escape to the keyboard and record the words He gave me this morning.  If you are reading this and it is NOT morning, rewind your day and imagine...

Before the first of everything
that's waiting has begun...
before is even seen the list
of all that must be done...
before distraction steals my focus
in the slightest way,
I join God on the deck and hear
all that He has to say.
The same--it is not 'monologue,'
it's conversation living!
It is not even a situation
of taking and of giving!
It is a sweet relationship
that REQUIRES conversation
as, in the same, become We One
in duty and celebration!

Yea, before the first of everything,
the Lord's awaiting me.
Already is He well aware
of all that's going to be,
but He is so empathetic that
He WANTS to hear this man,
to visit and to fellowship,
and not just hear MY plan!

A relationship alive--
it requires such to thrive.
He need not such from me,
but it is VITAL for life to be!

Sure, there is plenty of time to just pray, eat and go off to the day, but I would rather spend time with Him and hear what HE has to say.  Such a relationship ALWAYS brings victory, and it is ALWAYS more than 'words!'


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