Saturday, November 14, 2020


 Ah, yes, marriage.  Today, we CELEBRATE 39 years of it!  Years of celebration...years of enduring... times of disappointment...the gamut of emotions.  This man, however, has been BLESSED that 95% or more of that time has been wonderful!  I think it's because we put GOD first and each other second.  You may think of it some other way, but it has worked beautifully for us for 39 years!

"The years that have amassed, my love,
not all were paradise.
But blessed we are that, most of them
have been so very nice!
Nice for me because you've been here
'for better or for worse...;'
when I hear others speak of theirs,
it sounds almost like a curse!
But God made you, and you've made me
most fortunate of men!
Had I known the peaks and valleys
we've been through since then,
I would do it all all over with you,
yes, and you alone!
A more perfect woman for my life
I could have never known!

Some have their opinions...others
have their 'attitudes...'
even you and I contain
a myriad of moods,
but stay we deep in love with every
moment that would pass;
I choose you still and not another-
your beauty, insight and class!"

39 years of loving one another, serving God, each other, and together witnessing Him do wonders in our lives!  Here's to 39 more, Debby Busby!

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