Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Just 'work?'

Is there a 'standard' that is higher than 'company policy?'  Yes, there is, and whether you believe in God or not, we will each face Him one day and give account.

'O direct my heart in such a way
that I have naught to fear.
When I look into Your face, oh God,
upon that day so near,
there are so very many ways
to get assignments done--
but in a way that pleases You,
God, there is only one:
and that's to give my very best,
for me to give mine all
in those tasks to which I am assigned
as I fulfill Your call!
Sure, the WORLD has many ways
to carry out the same,
but only ONE will please You and
bring glory to Your Name!

Yes, anyone can 'do a job
and make the time to pass,'
but it requires effort for
to do the same with class!
Anyone can 'show up' for
a paycheck for the same,
but only them with heart involved,
'integrity,' may claim!

Yes, anyone can get a job and work for a paycheck.  It takes more effort to 'accomplish' something specific while doing so.  It takes 'going the extra mile.'  Are you of the latter, or do you do just enough to get by?


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