Sunday, November 22, 2020


There is a special list of ingredients in this life that make a 'house' a 'home.'  A loving spouse be one of them...the Presence of God...the list goes on.  So wealthy are them that have discovered that list!

How comforting--a place called 'home'
to which one may return
following the many days,
(and many things to learn!)
so refreshing be that place
to kick back and relax...
Home--it be a sanctuary,
far from all attacks!
And God, so present everywhere,
to join us here as well,
providing peace, providing rest--
in Him secure we dwell!
He knows what all the day contained,
as He, too, went along;
He knows exactly what to do 
for to restore that song!

'Home...' so wonderful a place
filled with God--His love and grace...
filled with quiet, filled with rest...
those with 'home,' we are so blessed!

Too often, those of us with such take 'home' for granted.  Anybody can buy a house and 'occupy' it.  It takes God, love and effort to make it a 'home' and fill it with love!


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