Saturday, November 28, 2020

Holiday for ALL?

After many hours in the city, getting accomplished what I must, safely back at home I look back upon the day...

Compassion takes a holiday?
Oh!  So "'tis the season..."
People scramble everywhere--
a myriad of reason.
I have but so much funds on which
so many gifts to spend;
the list keeps growing.  Say, but at what point
will it ever end?
So very many on that list,
and while I scurry 'bout
too many are the families
this year to do without.
So many situations happen
as year comes to end--
the same to separate the best
of family and friend!
Yet many others be there, doing
with no surplus at all!
They only want a greeting or
a handshake or a call!
'The year of the forgotten--' be it 
known NOT as such at all:
pick up the phone...walk down the street...
make ANY sort of call
to just provide assurance that
they're known and not forgotten;
such to mean much more than any
gift they may have gotten!
The great gift of YOUR company
and assurance one's aware;
the very greatest gift of all
is to know that others care.

In a prison cell...
in mansions, laden well...
just there, across the street...
or where work you complete,
there are people in need of touch,
and LOVE--so very much!
And with Christ alive inside,
WE can bridge that divide!!

"'Tis the season..."  So many gifts and life to celebrate!  While all the while, ones so close still suffer in silence, loneliness and fear.  We have the most precious gifts within, it's time we use those gifts for the greater good of ALL!  Young or old, whole or frail--pain and loneliness have many faces.  But if we don the face and heart of Jesus Christ, much of that pain can be exposed, dealt with and alleviated!
Question is: are WE willing and available?

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