Sunday, November 1, 2020

His Glory and His glory!

Finally...the essence of fall is affecting the skin.  IT'S COOL TODAY!  The chill in the air, however, affects not the glory of the season in plain sight!

Out from the day-to-day, and
oh so glorious the breeze!
November sun so very crisp
as whispers trim the trees!
Creator God to visit with me,
listening to praise;
revealing, through His glory,
precious wisdom, precious ways!

What blest assurance keeps life going
as we move along.
Being Spirit-led keeps 
deep inside an endless song!
It flows with adoration to
Creator God Most High,
blessing us with times as these-
so pleasing to the eye!

Savor so such pleasantries
as long as they will last.
Seasons change before we know, yea,
soon it will be past!
BUT GOD goes on forever- same!
Yes, enjoy the glories of Him and
sing praise unto His Name!

HE IS WORTHY!  Greater than 'seasonal,' beyond 'situation,' MORE than anything else we know!  Know Him deep within so that you can recognize Him and His touch whatever the day may be like!


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