Monday, November 23, 2020


So much going on everywhere.  So many things to not merely distract us, but try to 'derail' us altogether!  While all of it happens, there is a Better Way...

Beyond the drama that the world
would easily produce,
there be Person and a Place
all stresses to reduce!
It is a necessary Place,
but just how many go?
Or is it 'easier' to just
'get caught up in the flow?'
Yes, it takes effort to find ease
and savor time with Him.
While the 'world' would so react
with knee-jerk and a whim,
them that have His confidence
yet press on with restraint,
clinging to the 'real' and seeing
past the things that 'ain't!'
For there is a blessed 'consistency'
for them that do belong.
For He provides resiliency
whenever things go wrong;
and security inside a world
that be so insecure.
Stay in His Word, commune with Him,
and surely you'll endure!

But 'endurance' is just part of the blessing.  Excelling is the other, and God The Provider is an expert at both!  It takes much effort sometimes on our part, but it is so worth it!  Be His today, won't you?


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