Tuesday, November 24, 2020


The longer we live, the busier life seems to be.  The busier life seems to get, the more we attempt to do.  The more we attempt to do, does it affect the quality of that which we are called to do?  Hmmm...

"O God, thank You for the business
that Your hand sends my way!
It so provides a living as
would pass the 'daily' day.
You've gifted this man with a gift
that I may share with all,
but make me not so 'busy,' Lord,
that 'quality' would fall!
For I cannot get anything
accomplished with You!
The people I see all the day...
the things I say and do...
O set a watch upon me, Lord,
that I would do my best
for my family, for a friend,
or for that unknown guest!
The quality of what I do
should matter not for 'whom;'
EVERYONE deserves the best
that may come by that room!
Even total strangers I
have never seen before
deserve respect and courtesy,
that they would come back more!

"Respecter of no 'person,' Lord,
but, to all, fair and kind,"
each and every moment, Lord--
so be my heart and mind!

What did you do today?  Was it done with consistency, or did your service vary depending on whom you were serving?  Hard question, but a true revealer of the heart!


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