Thursday, November 12, 2020


Ahhh...the evening shore!  What peace and restoration happen as I walk along it.  A certain one walks at my side...where she has been for almost four decades!

Walking slowly with the one
at my side constantly;
a gift from God, so loving and
so very faithful she!
For over 39 years she's taken
care of me so well!
We walk the shore, watching waves
as they break and swell.

Over 39 years ago
we did the very same.
Back then, so many told us that,
to do this, was a shame!
But we grew so close and learned so much
about each other then.
Who knew that such a wondrous concord
would grow from moments been?!

'Endless Love' we're gifted with
as we yet persevere!
So grateful I she be content
with how we're living here!
So wealthy, as we have each other,
love and Jesus Christ!
All the more become we blessed
as we have sacrificed!

God Most High to be the head
of this most blessed home,
regardless where this wondrous life
would happen us to roam!

39 years...and counting!  Counting all the blessings and the sources of them.  Most would think that such a statement would imply no challenges or struggles.  On the contrary!  Some of those have been the source of some of the greatest blessings!!
I have Debby and she has me.  It is my prayer that YOU have someone in your life who is just as special and wonderful.  I AM BLESSED!


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