Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Coffee First

Up and at it.  Well, not quite yet.  I'm up, but I will join my Savior for coffee before I get at it to see what He has in store for me today...

I hear the doves so gently call
before 'before' begins,
and ponder that, in One Place, time
it never, ever ends!
As I sit with God and talk of what
must be 'fore day is gone,
it strikes me that this day, for HIM,
goes on and on and on...!
And He assures me He already knows
the tings that I must do,
and that He will be at my side
to help me see them through,
and not to fret the limit that
I have to get things done--
though time is short, He knows the
urgency of every one
and to focus on the 'quality'
on which I set my hand;
do not spread yourself too thin,
but, firmly, take a stand
on each thing I endeavor, and
complete the same in whole;
leaving all else in His hand--
time properly to dole!

I'm reminded, as I ponder all
here in the morning mist,
that timing and a proper order
truly DO exist!
I see it clear in retrospect,
and this day differs not!
Thus I relax with coffee with Him,
knowing ALL THINGS He has got!

Ahhh...the wonderful peace in knowing His assurance in a world that is anything but!  Such assurance is availed to them that trust Him completely and follow His lead.  Are YOU one of them?

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