Friday, November 27, 2020

Another BUSY Day!

Once again, the busyness of 'season' kicks in and life speeds up.  Do your best.  That is all we can do, KNOWING that God will take care of everything else!

Taking care of all the day
and now, I think it's done;
business was quite a pace,
enlightening and fun!
But now that it is done, it's closed
and I am heading out,
just as the setting sun 
illuminates that welcome route!

So many sights are yet alive
as I am heading home;
and, everywhere along the route,
deer so freely roam!
God converses with me every
mile along the way,
and we discuss the victories
and challenges of the day.

There was so very much to do,
yet so much to be done;
and day-by-day, hour-by-hour,
even one-by-one,
we WILL get through the issues and
what beauty then will be--
even like the sights and people
e'er surrounding me!

Yes, we all have days that are wonderful...yet challenging as well.  Never give up.  Keep pressing forward, TRUSTING that He already has all things settled and secured.  YOU can have such assurance as He resides in your heart!


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