Friday, November 20, 2020

Afternoon Assurances

Friday is done.  The weekend comes in so welcome!  No matter how frantic the week has been, I join the Lord out back and we fellowship together.  In such, assurances come that are so necessary...

Afternoon so perfect, even
though November fades;
the streaks of clouds above create
a variety of shades
affecting every color Autumn
season to produce:
in the heart, such warmth and wonder
is it to produce!
And 'perfect' afternoon be needed
in the days that be!
As of late, life can be described
as 'sheer intensity!'
Regardless of what day it is,
no matter who you are,
this situation has surpassed
all 'normalcy' by far!
BUT GOD, He be with the devout
and, freely, we commune.
He says, regardless of the days,
that He is coming soon!
Do not abandon hope, or give in
to the 'popular' tune!
All things are in His hand, and He
will surely compensate!
Press on, press on and focus not
upon the time and date,
but savor perfect afternoon
in spite of 'happenings.'
For this cause, the soul rejoices
and the heart, it sings!

Do YOU need such assurances?  They are available to you!  Just set everything aside for a few moments and call on Jesus!  He will meet you where you are, and He has everything you need!

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