Monday, November 30, 2020

After Business

Ahhh, that day is complete.  Well, the labor for this day is.  Day won't be complete until I spend time with one of God's most beautiful gifts.  I glance at the mountains as I head home to her...

The gusts are hardy all about
as I complete the day!
If one can stand the chill, behold
the whitecaps on this day!
Little time for gazing, though,
there be yet tasks to do;
we discuss them as I drive
along the priceless view!

I know the lot that must be done 
when I get to the house.
'Winterizing' has been done,
so I will take my spouse;
we will bundle up and take 
the horses for a ride
along the spectacle that is
November riverside!
Too long overdue, as labor
has been complicated
by so many factors that
has time reallocated!
Situations in this life
that God alone foreknew
forced us out of 'routine' ad
the 'schedules' that we know!

Finally, arrival at
that home with perfect touch.
Such welcome respite with
the one I love so much!
The day behind, the life ahead-
our own pace for a few hours;
when we are together it gives
this man superpowers!!

Busy...busy...busy...but done early enough to spend precious time out in His creation with another one of His creations: my wife!  She keeps this house going, keeps this man straight and organized, and blesses so many others just by being herself!  WHAT A GIFT SHE IS!!


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