Sunday, November 8, 2020


What a week!  (And some say 'It's just the beginning!')  Sunday night.  Just heard a wonderful message from a Chattanooga church about hope, assurance and progress!  I know a lot of folks, however, that don't want to hear anything like that.  They are still upset and caught up in last week!

"You knew about last week before
any of us knew life!
You knew about the victories,
defeats and all the strife;
You know about the days ahead
and everything that will...
and, all the while, You whisper to
the faithful 'Peace.  Be still!'
If there's anything we need most right now,
oh Lord, it is Your peace!
We need to get along, oh Lord,
all differences, release!
That can be done only as 
we fully trust in You,
KNOWING You have ordered every
moment we go through!
Regardless whose in charge of what,
YOU still remain The King.
And no 'person' or 'amendment' will,
YOUR progress, ever bring!
'There's nothing new beneath the sun'
'twas written long ago,
and NOBODY 'elected' will,
but every answer, know!
So, Lord, help us get up tomorrow
and try to 'get along,'
knowing that YOU retain control--
and that, to You, we belong!"

It's a brand new week tomorrow, folks.  May each of us do our best to do our best for one matter who they matter what the outcome is!  We are all in this together!  Let's make the most of it.  God does!


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