Monday, November 30, 2020

After Business

Ahhh, that day is complete.  Well, the labor for this day is.  Day won't be complete until I spend time with one of God's most beautiful gifts.  I glance at the mountains as I head home to her...

The gusts are hardy all about
as I complete the day!
If one can stand the chill, behold
the whitecaps on this day!
Little time for gazing, though,
there be yet tasks to do;
we discuss them as I drive
along the priceless view!

I know the lot that must be done 
when I get to the house.
'Winterizing' has been done,
so I will take my spouse;
we will bundle up and take 
the horses for a ride
along the spectacle that is
November riverside!
Too long overdue, as labor
has been complicated
by so many factors that
has time reallocated!
Situations in this life
that God alone foreknew
forced us out of 'routine' ad
the 'schedules' that we know!

Finally, arrival at
that home with perfect touch.
Such welcome respite with
the one I love so much!
The day behind, the life ahead-
our own pace for a few hours;
when we are together it gives
this man superpowers!!

Busy...busy...busy...but done early enough to spend precious time out in His creation with another one of His creations: my wife!  She keeps this house going, keeps this man straight and organized, and blesses so many others just by being herself!  WHAT A GIFT SHE IS!!


Sunday, November 29, 2020

November from the Road

Heading down this highway, I come upon a sight that steels me and I must pull over to take it in completely...

Snow is gently dusting
upper ridges of the view
the morning sun illuminates
against the endless blue!
Majestic is the western range
that's mesmerizing now!
To take it in, slow the pace
of 'everyday...' somehow!
It is a necessary pause
provided by The One
Who speaks the mountain range afar
by saying "It is done!"
He speaks the word or waves His hand
and sights like this appear,
detailed and so beautiful
it even brings a tear!

"O thank You for the beauty of
the seasons--so alive!
The boldness and the subtleties
even as they arrive!
You are the lone Creator of
what no one else can do!
I contemplate the mighty landscape
and give praise to You!"

Yea, if one would only pause to look around, glory would shout out...or whisper!  God knows exactly how to get our attention when He needs to...even as I'm on an empty highway heading west with this truck.  Someone is blessed receiving these Christmas gifts, and I am blessed receiving these winter visions!
God is so good to us!

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Holiday for ALL?

After many hours in the city, getting accomplished what I must, safely back at home I look back upon the day...

Compassion takes a holiday?
Oh!  So "'tis the season..."
People scramble everywhere--
a myriad of reason.
I have but so much funds on which
so many gifts to spend;
the list keeps growing.  Say, but at what point
will it ever end?
So very many on that list,
and while I scurry 'bout
too many are the families
this year to do without.
So many situations happen
as year comes to end--
the same to separate the best
of family and friend!
Yet many others be there, doing
with no surplus at all!
They only want a greeting or
a handshake or a call!
'The year of the forgotten--' be it 
known NOT as such at all:
pick up the phone...walk down the street...
make ANY sort of call
to just provide assurance that
they're known and not forgotten;
such to mean much more than any
gift they may have gotten!
The great gift of YOUR company
and assurance one's aware;
the very greatest gift of all
is to know that others care.

In a prison cell...
in mansions, laden well...
just there, across the street...
or where work you complete,
there are people in need of touch,
and LOVE--so very much!
And with Christ alive inside,
WE can bridge that divide!!

"'Tis the season..."  So many gifts and life to celebrate!  While all the while, ones so close still suffer in silence, loneliness and fear.  We have the most precious gifts within, it's time we use those gifts for the greater good of ALL!  Young or old, whole or frail--pain and loneliness have many faces.  But if we don the face and heart of Jesus Christ, much of that pain can be exposed, dealt with and alleviated!
Question is: are WE willing and available?

Friday, November 27, 2020

Another BUSY Day!

Once again, the busyness of 'season' kicks in and life speeds up.  Do your best.  That is all we can do, KNOWING that God will take care of everything else!

Taking care of all the day
and now, I think it's done;
business was quite a pace,
enlightening and fun!
But now that it is done, it's closed
and I am heading out,
just as the setting sun 
illuminates that welcome route!

So many sights are yet alive
as I am heading home;
and, everywhere along the route,
deer so freely roam!
God converses with me every
mile along the way,
and we discuss the victories
and challenges of the day.

There was so very much to do,
yet so much to be done;
and day-by-day, hour-by-hour,
even one-by-one,
we WILL get through the issues and
what beauty then will be--
even like the sights and people
e'er surrounding me!

Yes, we all have days that are wonderful...yet challenging as well.  Never give up.  Keep pressing forward, TRUSTING that He already has all things settled and secured.  YOU can have such assurance as He resides in your heart!


Thursday, November 26, 2020

Thanksgiving 2020

Ahhh...Thanksgiving Day.  A day of celebration?  A day of gratitude?  A time to reflect on the blessings we've had over the past 12 months?  REALLY?!  Yes, really!

How 'thankful' can a person be
in days and times that are?
Regardless of 'environs' 
thankfulness goes o so far!
And much have we to thank God for
if we but stop and think!
For without Jesus in these times,
Thanksgiving--it would stink!
For though we can't have everyone,
yet still have we each other.
Pick up the phone and call your friend,
your sister or your brother!
Remind them of the blessings that
no 'issues' come between;
and don't forget to call your elders--
so much may THAT call mean!

Thanksgiving--oh so differently,
yet thankful each we are!
And having that heart of gratitude
can go so very far!
Let not the issues that abound
affect joys that are real!
Live your gratitude to God
in ways none may conceal!

Yes, it IS possible to do this, even in the days that are!  You feel great?  THANK GOD!  You don't feel so great, thank Him anyway!  You're barely hanging on?  Thank Him even then, for He is the One holding you in the palm of His hand, and HE IS WORTHY!

Wednesday, November 25, 2020


So much to be thankful for.  Regardless what this year has brought into or through our lives, God is still in control, and He continues to bless us abundantly!

"WHAT A YEAR!" I hear so many
cry out with each day.
A different year it's surely been
no matter what they say!
But here we are.  Most of us
have made it to this day--
a time for giving thanks aloud,
and praises Heaven-way!
Yes, so much to be grateful for-
I ponder on this eve.
A fresh, new batch of blessings
every morning I receive!
And even all throughout the day
as time would go along,
there is cause to never never cease
that deep and wondrous song!

Though many are the issues that
affect all of our living,
they be outnumbered by the blessings!
Therefore, keep on giving!
I promise, that which you dispense
our God will sure replace!
Replace so with abundance from
His never-ending grace!!

So thankful.  Even though we've gone through so much...even though we may lack something...even though we may be perfectly fine...BE THANKFUL!  For even as we approach the end of 2020, GOD IS STILL GOOD!

Tuesday, November 24, 2020


The longer we live, the busier life seems to be.  The busier life seems to get, the more we attempt to do.  The more we attempt to do, does it affect the quality of that which we are called to do?  Hmmm...

"O God, thank You for the business
that Your hand sends my way!
It so provides a living as
would pass the 'daily' day.
You've gifted this man with a gift
that I may share with all,
but make me not so 'busy,' Lord,
that 'quality' would fall!
For I cannot get anything
accomplished with You!
The people I see all the day...
the things I say and do...
O set a watch upon me, Lord,
that I would do my best
for my family, for a friend,
or for that unknown guest!
The quality of what I do
should matter not for 'whom;'
EVERYONE deserves the best
that may come by that room!
Even total strangers I
have never seen before
deserve respect and courtesy,
that they would come back more!

"Respecter of no 'person,' Lord,
but, to all, fair and kind,"
each and every moment, Lord--
so be my heart and mind!

What did you do today?  Was it done with consistency, or did your service vary depending on whom you were serving?  Hard question, but a true revealer of the heart!


Monday, November 23, 2020


So much going on everywhere.  So many things to not merely distract us, but try to 'derail' us altogether!  While all of it happens, there is a Better Way...

Beyond the drama that the world
would easily produce,
there be Person and a Place
all stresses to reduce!
It is a necessary Place,
but just how many go?
Or is it 'easier' to just
'get caught up in the flow?'
Yes, it takes effort to find ease
and savor time with Him.
While the 'world' would so react
with knee-jerk and a whim,
them that have His confidence
yet press on with restraint,
clinging to the 'real' and seeing
past the things that 'ain't!'
For there is a blessed 'consistency'
for them that do belong.
For He provides resiliency
whenever things go wrong;
and security inside a world
that be so insecure.
Stay in His Word, commune with Him,
and surely you'll endure!

But 'endurance' is just part of the blessing.  Excelling is the other, and God The Provider is an expert at both!  It takes much effort sometimes on our part, but it is so worth it!  Be His today, won't you?


Sunday, November 22, 2020


There is a special list of ingredients in this life that make a 'house' a 'home.'  A loving spouse be one of them...the Presence of God...the list goes on.  So wealthy are them that have discovered that list!

How comforting--a place called 'home'
to which one may return
following the many days,
(and many things to learn!)
so refreshing be that place
to kick back and relax...
Home--it be a sanctuary,
far from all attacks!
And God, so present everywhere,
to join us here as well,
providing peace, providing rest--
in Him secure we dwell!
He knows what all the day contained,
as He, too, went along;
He knows exactly what to do 
for to restore that song!

'Home...' so wonderful a place
filled with God--His love and grace...
filled with quiet, filled with rest...
those with 'home,' we are so blessed!

Too often, those of us with such take 'home' for granted.  Anybody can buy a house and 'occupy' it.  It takes God, love and effort to make it a 'home' and fill it with love!


Saturday, November 21, 2020

Morning Words

 Ahhh....finally, a few moments to escape to the keyboard and record the words He gave me this morning.  If you are reading this and it is NOT morning, rewind your day and imagine...

Before the first of everything
that's waiting has begun...
before is even seen the list
of all that must be done...
before distraction steals my focus
in the slightest way,
I join God on the deck and hear
all that He has to say.
The same--it is not 'monologue,'
it's conversation living!
It is not even a situation
of taking and of giving!
It is a sweet relationship
that REQUIRES conversation
as, in the same, become We One
in duty and celebration!

Yea, before the first of everything,
the Lord's awaiting me.
Already is He well aware
of all that's going to be,
but He is so empathetic that
He WANTS to hear this man,
to visit and to fellowship,
and not just hear MY plan!

A relationship alive--
it requires such to thrive.
He need not such from me,
but it is VITAL for life to be!

Sure, there is plenty of time to just pray, eat and go off to the day, but I would rather spend time with Him and hear what HE has to say.  Such a relationship ALWAYS brings victory, and it is ALWAYS more than 'words!'


Friday, November 20, 2020

Afternoon Assurances

Friday is done.  The weekend comes in so welcome!  No matter how frantic the week has been, I join the Lord out back and we fellowship together.  In such, assurances come that are so necessary...

Afternoon so perfect, even
though November fades;
the streaks of clouds above create
a variety of shades
affecting every color Autumn
season to produce:
in the heart, such warmth and wonder
is it to produce!
And 'perfect' afternoon be needed
in the days that be!
As of late, life can be described
as 'sheer intensity!'
Regardless of what day it is,
no matter who you are,
this situation has surpassed
all 'normalcy' by far!
BUT GOD, He be with the devout
and, freely, we commune.
He says, regardless of the days,
that He is coming soon!
Do not abandon hope, or give in
to the 'popular' tune!
All things are in His hand, and He
will surely compensate!
Press on, press on and focus not
upon the time and date,
but savor perfect afternoon
in spite of 'happenings.'
For this cause, the soul rejoices
and the heart, it sings!

Do YOU need such assurances?  They are available to you!  Just set everything aside for a few moments and call on Jesus!  He will meet you where you are, and He has everything you need!

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Priceless Time!

There is so much to get done today.  Is it just me, or does it seem that with each day that passes there be more and more to do?  There is only ONE way to deal with this!

So necessary to escape,
(if only for awhile,)
the issues come from everywhere--
how rapidly they pile!
I know I must engage in them
later on today,
but, for right now, precedence
and time go Heaven-way!
And stress, conflict and controversy
disappear for now,
as I commune with Christ the Lord--
the Sealer of my vow!
He walks with me along the way,
matching my own pace;
it is a necessary time
in the daily race!
And the words that flow out of His heart
empower, heal and bless...
the words that flow out of His eyes
eliminate all stress...
and the time we spend prepare me
for the day ahead
regardless what will rise or fall--
for such as this He bled!

So glorious, the morning...
so beautiful, this time!
And making sure it starts with Jesus
makes the whole day rhyme!

The older we get...excuse me, the 'farther along' we get in this life, there are more and more things to complicate it...IF we allow them to!  There is one simple step to avoid such: TIME IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD!  Whatever time of day your 'morning' is, start it with time with Jesus.  Such to assure victory and help you retain sanity.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

The Days of Late

The best of times...the worst of times.  Seems like both tend to bring out the best and the worst in us.  However, if you are aware, you will realize that there is more GOOD going on and happening through these days than anyone cares to "report" about.  Just look around...

Back into the midst of life--
the frantic and the fray,
sent to represent the Truth,
the Life, the only Way!
So necessary be the Gift
that we contain inside.
Of what use be that Living Gift
if we just 'go and hide?!'
Yea, it be a dangerous place
out into which we go,
but the Maker of that place,
so personally, we know!
And we go out with His protection
with us everywhere--
wherever we are called each day,
we know He will be there!
Go forth boldly, therefore,
wherever you be called
KNOWING, if it be NOT His will,
your plan, it will be stalled.
For He knows His own.  He loves them and
protects at every hand.
Present His love and saving grace,
that victory may stand!!

Yes, go forth.  There is a lost, scared and dying world out there in need of Life!  Take every precaution that is necessary, but don't stop!  LIFE NEEDS YOU!

Monday, November 16, 2020

Wonderful Time?

'It's the most wonderful time of the year.' 
At least it is supposed to be!  But look at what we have made it to be!!  'God, help us!'

"O lessen the intensity
that we may know Your peace!
I know that, as we let things go,
Your blessings will increase!
The way we treat each other, Lord,
the attitudes and tone,
we need The Spirit to keep in check
lest we make You to groan!

Yea, so 'indifferent' be the life
here in the latter day
with everybody to insist
on having things 'their way!'
But if we could just 'get along'
and cooperate,
imagine how much could get done
minus all stress and hate!

Apart from the intensity:
a 'peace that passes all,'
to stabilize and redirect,
that we may hear Your call!
Above the noise...above the tumult
there is perfect peace.
It comes from knowing You alone--
the greatest of release!"

In the world...but not OF the world.  It IS possible as we calm down, put one another first, and focus on the 'good' that we can do IN HIM as we simply go about our day.


Proper perspective

Time marches on. In spite of these 'moments' that we go through that seem to be 'frozen in time,' they're not. The prophet wrote "There is nothing new under the sun." The older we get, the more truth we find in his words and in HIS Word!

A month from now we celebrate
the birthday of our King!
So worthy, all creation takes note
of this 'happening!'
A time of joy...a time of peace...
a time of exaltation...
and greater so to them that know
a personal relation!

The 'world,' though, would take this time
and fill it with all stress!
This time of awe and wonder God
intends to fully bless!
'Life' develops timelines false
to get us in a hurry,
the end result becoming 'stress'
with 'attitude' and 'worry!'
Refute the workings of the world!
Behold the awe of Christ!
Remake the 'task' of 'buying gifts'
to be a time more nice!
ENJOY the time God grants us each,
include Him in the same;
refuse to let the 'commercial' world,
your glory time, to claim!

TIME with family...TIME with friends
to worship, laugh and share;
the very 'gifting' of yourself--
the greatest gift to bear!

Yes, too often have I seen over the years by too many I know make the next six weeks a literal 'hell' on themselves by trying to please everyone! This year, may we do our best to merely be here for one another, be available and be keen to each other's hearts. Would that not please the Lord even more?

Saturday, November 14, 2020


 Ah, yes, marriage.  Today, we CELEBRATE 39 years of it!  Years of celebration...years of enduring... times of disappointment...the gamut of emotions.  This man, however, has been BLESSED that 95% or more of that time has been wonderful!  I think it's because we put GOD first and each other second.  You may think of it some other way, but it has worked beautifully for us for 39 years!

"The years that have amassed, my love,
not all were paradise.
But blessed we are that, most of them
have been so very nice!
Nice for me because you've been here
'for better or for worse...;'
when I hear others speak of theirs,
it sounds almost like a curse!
But God made you, and you've made me
most fortunate of men!
Had I known the peaks and valleys
we've been through since then,
I would do it all all over with you,
yes, and you alone!
A more perfect woman for my life
I could have never known!

Some have their opinions...others
have their 'attitudes...'
even you and I contain
a myriad of moods,
but stay we deep in love with every
moment that would pass;
I choose you still and not another-
your beauty, insight and class!"

39 years of loving one another, serving God, each other, and together witnessing Him do wonders in our lives!  Here's to 39 more, Debby Busby!

Thursday, November 12, 2020


Ahhh...the evening shore!  What peace and restoration happen as I walk along it.  A certain one walks at my side...where she has been for almost four decades!

Walking slowly with the one
at my side constantly;
a gift from God, so loving and
so very faithful she!
For over 39 years she's taken
care of me so well!
We walk the shore, watching waves
as they break and swell.

Over 39 years ago
we did the very same.
Back then, so many told us that,
to do this, was a shame!
But we grew so close and learned so much
about each other then.
Who knew that such a wondrous concord
would grow from moments been?!

'Endless Love' we're gifted with
as we yet persevere!
So grateful I she be content
with how we're living here!
So wealthy, as we have each other,
love and Jesus Christ!
All the more become we blessed
as we have sacrificed!

God Most High to be the head
of this most blessed home,
regardless where this wondrous life
would happen us to roam!

39 years...and counting!  Counting all the blessings and the sources of them.  Most would think that such a statement would imply no challenges or struggles.  On the contrary!  Some of those have been the source of some of the greatest blessings!!
I have Debby and she has me.  It is my prayer that YOU have someone in your life who is just as special and wonderful.  I AM BLESSED!


Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Honor the Faithful!

There are so many of them out there.  They walk amongst us.  They work beside us.  Some of them even live in our own house!  Have YOU thanked them lately?

"You went to where we could not go
whether you wanted to or not;
yet now, you say that you will do it
again upon the spot!
You left your life behind to serve
and keep US safe and sound.
May our honor and our gratitude,
for each of you, be found!

Drafted or enlisted
or branch to matter not;
neither rank to affect the thanks
for each of you we've got!
But may the lives we live reflect
the value of your time;
and caring for you and your needs now
THAT should be most prime!!

Veteran, you are appreciated,
regardless what you've heard!
To prove it, THIS man has little more
than the assembled word!
But, in these words, may you realize
that we are grateful so
that you put our lives before your own,
into the unknown, to go!"

You know who you are.  I only know so many of you, but this is written in honor of ALL of you who have been in service to this great country.  Thank you again and may God bless you abundantly!

Monday, November 9, 2020

The Heart is the Source

"It's only words..."  I've heard that before.  You've heard that before.  But those 'words' hurt, and they have a source, or else they would not be spoken.  May each of us be careful to guard our hearts and fill them with God's Word, lest those other words become action and cause even more damage and hurt!

Once more, 'integrity' to focus
under microscope.
It seems, in every facet of life,
there's something new to cope!
From work affairs that escalate
down to your home's four walls,
issues go on constantly
on which 'character' calls!
And there are 'eyes' upon each task
you set your hand to do.
Away from life, what are the words
that will be said of you?
What 'reputation' or 'example'
will YOU leave on 'living?'
Will it cause a smile to form,
or will 'strife' your giving?
The very same will have effect
upon your life right now!
Attempt to make this life a better
place to be somehow.

Too much stress have we beheld
in living as of late;
and them so generating such--
have they so sealed their fate?
But EVERY person has a choice
of how to face the day!
See to it that 'integrity'
would guide your every way!

So much stress and discord has been this year.  So much of it yet continues on, and is being vowed to continue.  BUT THAT IS A 'CHOICE!'  We CAN choose better!  And I know THE God Who has 'better' to offer!


Sunday, November 8, 2020


What a week!  (And some say 'It's just the beginning!')  Sunday night.  Just heard a wonderful message from a Chattanooga church about hope, assurance and progress!  I know a lot of folks, however, that don't want to hear anything like that.  They are still upset and caught up in last week!

"You knew about last week before
any of us knew life!
You knew about the victories,
defeats and all the strife;
You know about the days ahead
and everything that will...
and, all the while, You whisper to
the faithful 'Peace.  Be still!'
If there's anything we need most right now,
oh Lord, it is Your peace!
We need to get along, oh Lord,
all differences, release!
That can be done only as 
we fully trust in You,
KNOWING You have ordered every
moment we go through!
Regardless whose in charge of what,
YOU still remain The King.
And no 'person' or 'amendment' will,
YOUR progress, ever bring!
'There's nothing new beneath the sun'
'twas written long ago,
and NOBODY 'elected' will,
but every answer, know!
So, Lord, help us get up tomorrow
and try to 'get along,'
knowing that YOU retain control--
and that, to You, we belong!"

It's a brand new week tomorrow, folks.  May each of us do our best to do our best for one matter who they matter what the outcome is!  We are all in this together!  Let's make the most of it.  God does!


Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Just 'work?'

Is there a 'standard' that is higher than 'company policy?'  Yes, there is, and whether you believe in God or not, we will each face Him one day and give account.

'O direct my heart in such a way
that I have naught to fear.
When I look into Your face, oh God,
upon that day so near,
there are so very many ways
to get assignments done--
but in a way that pleases You,
God, there is only one:
and that's to give my very best,
for me to give mine all
in those tasks to which I am assigned
as I fulfill Your call!
Sure, the WORLD has many ways
to carry out the same,
but only ONE will please You and
bring glory to Your Name!

Yes, anyone can 'do a job
and make the time to pass,'
but it requires effort for
to do the same with class!
Anyone can 'show up' for
a paycheck for the same,
but only them with heart involved,
'integrity,' may claim!

Yes, anyone can get a job and work for a paycheck.  It takes more effort to 'accomplish' something specific while doing so.  It takes 'going the extra mile.'  Are you of the latter, or do you do just enough to get by?


Only One Name!

'Love.'  There are many 'definitions' of it.  But there in one ONE Name:  Jesus Christ!

Jesus Christ, unchangeable,
then, now and forever!
You are His and He will leave
your situation NEVER!
This world and its circumstance,
no moment, are the same,
but there is sure security
in Jesus and His Name!

There is no limit to the things
that each of us go through;
and it would seem, each situation,
unto us, be new!
But He has seen it all before
and suffered all the more,
but His embrace upon your life
needs no cause to restore!

Suffering and service to
the point we hasten not,
yet, every facet of our lives,
securely He has got!
Press on!  Press on, therefore, regardless
what is in your sight
KNOWING He contains your life,
and YOU are His delight!!

How can one fathom such love as this?  There be some that CANNOT accept love such as this!  But it is real!  JESUS IS REAL!  And His love is more than anything this world can offer or imagine!


There is a Name.  Yes, there is a beautiful Name that is so powerful, and that Name belongs to The Most Wonderful!  His Name is JESUS!  Do YOU know Him?  You can!  And it's easier than you think!

Jesus--Heir of all that is,
Creator of all things!
Jesus--even God, Himself--
but all creation sings!
Angels singing constantly
unto His Holiness!
Jesus--Father God--Holy Ghost--
but all of life to bless!

There is a Word pertaining to
each moment we go through!
And, though that 'Word' has ever been,
each moment it's anew!
For He is Hope, for He is Joy,
He is Provision ever!
He is Eternity, and if He has
your heart, He'll leave you never!!

No virus, no economy,
no storm can come about
that causes Him to fluctuate--
Just follow ye His every lead
and, surely, you'll arrive
in Paradise that yet exists,
victorious and alive!!

JESUS!  No other Name under Heaven by which we can be saved...or be blessed...or live abundantly!  GOD IS SO GOOD to provide Jesus for each and all of us to have a connection with Him...a connection that will NEVER end!


What 'Urgency?'

So seems to be the cry of the world that we live in!  But such an 'attitude' is not what God desires at all!  For He designed this day and this world to be enjoyed!  NOW look at what we've done!!

Where time--it is no longer, 
there is a perfect song!
Voices without number sing
as Father walks along!
He's checking in with everyone
from all of time eterne,
showing me a principle
that I, so slowly, learn:
THIS world I'm in has deadlines, people
want it yesterday!
But in the Place He walks me through
it's opposite such way!
There, everyone's aware that He
takes care of and provides;
therefore, no stress develops and
no 'issue' e'er divides!

O where time, it is no longer, I
so very long to be!
But there are things that must be done
before eternity!
I'll do them with an urgency
that hinges not on 'stress;'
doing so will see them through
and, for such, He will bless!

Yes, He will truly bless them that embrace His purposes and plans and adapt to HIS timing.  Somehow, life always turns out for the better when we do such.  Can YOU handle that?


Coffee First

Up and at it.  Well, not quite yet.  I'm up, but I will join my Savior for coffee before I get at it to see what He has in store for me today...

I hear the doves so gently call
before 'before' begins,
and ponder that, in One Place, time
it never, ever ends!
As I sit with God and talk of what
must be 'fore day is gone,
it strikes me that this day, for HIM,
goes on and on and on...!
And He assures me He already knows
the tings that I must do,
and that He will be at my side
to help me see them through,
and not to fret the limit that
I have to get things done--
though time is short, He knows the
urgency of every one
and to focus on the 'quality'
on which I set my hand;
do not spread yourself too thin,
but, firmly, take a stand
on each thing I endeavor, and
complete the same in whole;
leaving all else in His hand--
time properly to dole!

I'm reminded, as I ponder all
here in the morning mist,
that timing and a proper order
truly DO exist!
I see it clear in retrospect,
and this day differs not!
Thus I relax with coffee with Him,
knowing ALL THINGS He has got!

Ahhh...the wonderful peace in knowing His assurance in a world that is anything but!  Such assurance is availed to them that trust Him completely and follow His lead.  Are YOU one of them?

Necessary necessity!

Away from the fray for the moment.  Here to regroup and recharge, KNOWING that He will restore that which be necessary to go on...

Calm and quiet conquer as
He walks and talks with me.
So precious and so valuable
these moments are to be!
Even now in a new world
so busy, yet confined;
in Him, a piece of 'normalcy,'
but each day I can find!
In Him, all answers lessen as
the world scrambles about;
He turns the volume down on all
the chatter and the shout
and causes me to hear again
the sweet simplicity
of His voice, His blest creation,
and life as it SHOULD be!

What a precious time before
I step into the fray
that seems to be the normalcy
here in the latter day.
Too, it is so encouraging--
that blessed time we share--
the Lord and I in His creation
in the morning air!

And it doesn't even have to be morning!  You can have that calm and quiet within you whenever, wherever, as God is omnipresent at all times, providing perfect peace to them that desire it!

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Politics Unusual!

I have heard for many months now that today's election will be historic.  Some have used the term "for better or for worse' when saying that.  But think about this...

Issues and emotions,
'for better or for worse.'
If we let such 'come to a head,'
the same would be a curse!
Each one of us, we differ,
with views that be so strong;
that doesn't mean we can't reside
or fail to get along!
If my relationship with you
depends upon your view,
then surely it's the heart of ME
that God needs to renew!
Friendship should be deeper than
'political' or other;
when all is said and done, we'll still
remain sister and brother!

Too much pain and anguish comes
about this time of year;
too many, the emotions
generating hate and fear!
BUT GOD will still be in control
when all is said and done!
Despite your vote, make sure your heart
belongs to Christ the Son!!

For that is the ONLY way that we can forge ahead: with JESUS CHRIST leading!  His Word says that he raises people up and takes them down at His choosing.  Yes, get out and vote!  But let not your personal views come between you and your brother.  Each of us need one another to succeed!


Monday, November 2, 2020

'The Everyday'

Yes, 'the everyday.'  That is what most would settle for.  But YOU are not 'the most.'  YOU are called, set apart and designed for better!

The 'everyday'  that we have come to know...
the 'normalcy' to which most people go...
the 'safety' we have come to so adore...
That which He's set aside for His Own
is too wonderful, in THIS life, to be known!
It spurs us each to press on in the fray
that seems to have become 'the everyday!'
And He gives glimpses of the glory to us each
if we press on, toward the prize, to reach!
It may be the whisper in the gentle breeze...
it may be the calming, slow dance of the trees...
it could be His very Presence but of course...
it may be a fitting word come from a source...
it could be the sight of stately mountain range...
it could even be something absolutely strange!
It could be a welcome voice by telephone...
ANYTHING assuring us 'we're not alone!'
And it's certainly that which none of us has seen:
that Heaven, when ALL is perfect and serene!

So that 'everyday' that we have come to know,
DO NOT accept as 'permanent' and let go!
Press on, press on with eyes upon the prize
KNOWING He is with you as you strategize!
And He WILL escort you each step along the way,
until The Trumpet Blast upon That Day!
Then we will understand what every day is for
as we reside with Him in Paradise evermore!!

Whatever the world is doing, press on!  Continue doing that which JESUS leads you to do!  For therein lies the ONLY assurance THIS life has to offer!


Sunday, November 1, 2020

His Glory and His glory!

Finally...the essence of fall is affecting the skin.  IT'S COOL TODAY!  The chill in the air, however, affects not the glory of the season in plain sight!

Out from the day-to-day, and
oh so glorious the breeze!
November sun so very crisp
as whispers trim the trees!
Creator God to visit with me,
listening to praise;
revealing, through His glory,
precious wisdom, precious ways!

What blest assurance keeps life going
as we move along.
Being Spirit-led keeps 
deep inside an endless song!
It flows with adoration to
Creator God Most High,
blessing us with times as these-
so pleasing to the eye!

Savor so such pleasantries
as long as they will last.
Seasons change before we know, yea,
soon it will be past!
BUT GOD goes on forever- same!
Yes, enjoy the glories of Him and
sing praise unto His Name!

HE IS WORTHY!  Greater than 'seasonal,' beyond 'situation,' MORE than anything else we know!  Know Him deep within so that you can recognize Him and His touch whatever the day may be like!