Friday, October 23, 2020

Wiped Out!

So often to feel that way.  But not from work, though.  So often we get this way simply by the way 'life' is going.  Even now, though, HE PROVIDES...

Weary, worn and tired out--
from any 'labor' not!
It's from the 'systems' in this life,
and the 'power' they have got!
From TV to the printed page
same thing...same thing...same thing...
We're lifted through His Word, though,
and as we pray and sing!

These ARE quite trying times, my friend,
but God is well aware.
He gives a steady stream of Hope;
and, paramount, His care--
even in what is going on
in us, around and through;
and HIS STRENGTH, it will waver not
no matter what life will do!

So cling to God!  Depend on Him
and not on any other!
Start LIVING in this life we're in,
for there won't be another
until we hear that Trumpet Blast
and Jesus splits the skies!
Only then, true Paradise,
will ANY realize!

We are all in this together.  Them that belong to God are not OF this world, though we be IN the world.  For He will strengthen and replenish us each step of the way until we see His face!  I promise you!  Don't give up!

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