Wednesday, October 7, 2020

When it hurts

We've all been hurt.  No matter what you matter who you matter what your title or position matter what you've been is going to be painful sometimes!  Just look at what 'religion' did to Jesus!  Does that mean that you just up and stop going when it happens?  Of course not!  That means you heal, grow from it and move on.  Even to another church, if necessary.
We should be going to church to learn more about God, His Word, and how to love and strengthen one another.  Not to judge.  Not to split hairs.  Not to condemn.
People I know, (too many people!) GOOD people, now spend their Sundays fishing, watching football, Nascar or ___________ because they got their feelings hurt by someone somewhere at a church.  Even some pastors or 'ordained leaders' stay home now due the same reason!  God doesn't want that!  Paul even saw it is his day and wrote about it.  Here we are, over 2,000 years later, and the same thing goes on.  But it doesn't have to!  
Shake off your 'ego,' push through the pain, firm up your feelings and go find a House of God that ministers to you.  I promise you it's out there, and YOU are meant to be part of it!  And if you are going about looking for 'the perfect church,' I'll tell you right now you are not going to find it until Jesus returns!  For EVERY place of worship out there is filled with imperfect people...some even occupy the pulpit!
The House of God, however, the 'Church,' is not necessarily the building itself.  It is The Body of Christ!  We ARE perfect...but only IN HIM!  Keep pressing on, continuing to be the only 'Jesus' that some folks may ever see.  And do not forsake the assembling of ourselves to bless, edify and strengthen one another until we hear The Trumpet Blast!
I remember Pastor Snider ending one of his sermons once by saying "...and by the way, for those of you out there going from place to place looking for 'The Perfect Church,' once YOU join it, it won't be 'perfect' anymore!"
I am not advocating against the fact that God has the perfect place for each and all of us to be attending, HE DOES!  And for those of you searching, you will know it when you get there!  Your heart and your spirit will affirm such unto you...IF you are willing to listen, trust and obey.

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