Friday, October 9, 2020

Too Wonderful!

As life goes on, and this world would seem to have its way with us, there is perfection awaiting them that belong to Jesus.  DON'T GIVE UP!

In realms that we have yet to understand
perfection goes on, guided by His hand.
It is too very wonderful to grasp,
but WE WILL as, His hand, we firmly clasp!
They are realms that are too wonderful for word;
even the seasoned poet hasn't heard!
For more glimpses of such glory would He grant
to them that cling to Him and do not recant! does one relate them on a page?!
The lack of such ability cause rage?
But not at all!  It only drives me to press on
until I obtain that perfect lexicon!
Precious glimpses of His glories that await--
but ALL obtaining such appreciate!
The expectation of what He does provide
for the redeemed...just on the other side!

Look up, my friend!  So yearn for that beyond
of God Most High, of Whom we be so fond!
That which awaits we are not capable to know,
yet we be instilled with a drive to go!
And faint ye not while pressing on ahead,
for by the Holy Spirit we be led!
And, in the same, we surely shall arrive,
there to see HIM, there to greatly thrive!!

Never lose that desire for The Greater that He has instilled within you.  Regardless what this life throws at us, that which awaits us is more than fair compensation!  I promise you.  HE PROMISES YOU!  It's getting closer and closer!


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