Monday, October 12, 2020

The Ways of the World

Day after day, we go through or we witness things that ought not be.  God told us that, until He returns, that would be the norm.  He also blessed us with all we need to press on!

The systems that the world has in place--

some may look at as a great disgrace!
But there is One Who oversees it all;
there is no issue He considers 'small.'
And so many are those issues that distract,
seeking but to make us to react!
The 'grounded,' though, shall press on straight ahead,
refusing to be rattled or misled!

Yea, the 'systems' of the world belong to 'world;'
a higher calling, however, is unfurled
unto the ones belonging to the Lord;
bowing down to THIS world we shan't afford!
Though 'in this world,' we don't have to be 'of.'
We go through it daily, though, dispensing love,
and letting God shine through us as we go
that this 'systematic' world may come to know!

Yea, there IS God Everywhere Who oversees.
And, in the end, He'll gather the ones that He will please.
Until that day, we are to shine through all we do--
it is the calling He's placed in me and you!
They will be way or another--
some of them, He will refer to as 'brother.'
Shine Jesus, therefore, and so leave your mark
upon a place that is way too often dark!

Yes, those of us belonging to God are the lights in this world, a place that is in dire need of it!  See to it that YOUR light so shines before men that they be drawn to Jesus!

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