Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The View from the Hill

On my way to take care of issues that must be addressed, I travel along the side of a mountain and look off to the left.  The scenes that He creates makes me so grateful that He placed within me an appreciation of such...

Above the fog, the light of life
illuminates the blue;
when the morning wind arrives
it will reveal each hue;
and many are there as the currents
of season so abound
and slowly leave garments strewn
but everywhere around!

Creator God, in and around
and through each part of 'living,'
He breathes that fog as supplement--
blest moisture freely giving!
And He creates each wondrous shade
of the fleeting Fall,
before the shock of winter blast
would make its yearly call!

Oh...but right now, looking out above
the blanket on the land,
I hear His voice so clear, and watch
the moving of His hand
as He makes the sun to rise above
that mountain range afar,
and paints the richest blue above--
so fortunate we are!!

Yes, so very fortunate be them that are able to enjoy and NOTICE the moving of His hand!  Never take such for granted!  Too many are them that must be too busy to savor such.  


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