Tuesday, October 27, 2020

That Place of Necesssity

Out into the busyness of business...out into the crowd...out into the fire...wherever it is we must go today, we can do so with utmost assurance that we DO NOT go alone.  And, though it may drain us, there IS a place of restoration...

O get me quick to that escape
that Christ alone provides!
Though boldly this man lives, inside
His garment this man hides!
He contains the truest answers,
and The Answer, too;
and He avails Himself to all
that call on Him and DO!
And currently, this moment when
I need that blest retreat,
He closes off the world and lets
me sit down at His feet!
I lean against Him firmly as
He says "I understand!"
In His embrace, I feel the scars
imprinted in His hands!

A busy place...complexity...
He helps so I can see;
He sets the very path so I
arrive victoriously!
Above the turmoil...above the stress
and all the _______ that are
He knows exactly what I need 
to help this man go far!

He didn't tell us to go hide under a rock!  He said for us to go boldly wherever He leads!  As we do, He WILL provide all that we need to succeed, overcome and be restored.  IT IS WRITTEN!


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