Saturday, October 10, 2020

That Calling

We are called.  Chosen by God to represent Him and help get things accomplished that few may see, but all will notice.  Does He need us for such, of course not!  However, He allows us to be part of His work.  Is that always comfortable?  No...

My brother has a pressing need,
(that one that's such a pain!)
If I ignore him and move on,
what, then, be any gain?
He's not aware that I'm aware,
so what could be the harm!?
The fact I AM aware, however,
sets off God's alarm!
I may not even like the man
or what he says and does;
that person likes me even less,
but that's the man I WAS.
Regardless how I feel about him,
I can meet his need;
I must at least attempt to help--
the Spirit for to heed!
He may or may not even take
assistance from this man,
but I must obey the leading of
The Lord I understand.
Whether or not it has affect
I'll know I have obeyed,
and, one way or another,
by the Lord I'll be repaid.

Each one of us face situations in our daily life that are 'uncomfortable.'  Each of us have people in our lives that we would rather not associate with.  However, in times of need, such 'feelings' should be set by the way so that life can be improved, life can happen.  Who knows, it may even improve your relationship with 'THEM.'


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