Thursday, October 8, 2020

Painting 'Time'

Finally, all is done for the day...again.  And, once again, The Lord joins us out on the back deck as we relax and look out over His creation...

Autumn sets the afternoon aglow.
God has His brush and palette, this we know!
Against His endless canvas painted blue,
He now assembles every other hue!

The forests at the end of meadow far,
a variety of hues and contrasts are!
A sight no other artist dare attempt;
the order of the same to be unkempt.
For He is keen to every nuance, every shade,
as a masterpiece against the hills is made!
A different stroke revealed each minute pass;
and, more than words, becomes the sight en masse!

Yes, as Father formulates the afternoon,
the beholder cries out that it not end soon!
Too glorious and priceless be such times--
observing and enjoying, making rhymes!

Red and yellow, green and gold,
what a glory to behold!
Black and blue, brown and beige...
so to fill yet another page!

Yes, glorious, awesome, amazing and beautiful it is before the eyes: the way God transfers afternoon into evening!  Take a moment to notice it as you are on your way home today.  Give Him thanks for the wonders He covertly creates right before our very eyes...DAILY!


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