Friday, October 2, 2020


In case you haven't noticed, it's crowded out there.  And most of the folks in our day have a specific agenda.  Does that make them any worse than ourselves?  Hmmm...

but they are everywhere!!
Just One to know the heart to know
how many of them care!
It often takes a 'tragedy'
for the truth to show;
yet again, there's One alone,
the answer, for to know!
Too often, we become surprised
when the same's found out!
Oft, the one jumping in to help
is him of whom we doubt!
Because we use our 'eyes' to judge
and do not use the heart--
the same embezzles judgment and
makes empathy depart!

We need to blind our eyes and let
our hearts decide the fate.
Truth be told, our estimates
of others are not great!
For we may have an ally in
that person we avoid...
and the result of such be that
our lives become more void.

Set your sights on JESUS and 
give each other a fair chance.
You'll be surprised what benefits
arise from circumstance!

Vision.  Oft, the great deceiver!  Use the heart but constantly as you go about the day, especially working with 'people!'  Follow Holy Spirit's lead and savor the blessings that come from obeying HIM, you'll be surprised how wonderful life can be!


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