Saturday, October 3, 2020



Sometimes, it has nothing to do with the atmosphere.  One can walk into a room with others and determine climate immediately!  Perhaps that is why The Lord called us to be ‘light’ in a dark world?

The land about to darken as
a storm is on the rise.
So much of the lesser spectrum
spread across the skies!
It does NOT affect, however,
the spectrum of the soul--
for it is shining without end
due Him Who makes us whole!

For life is filled with ‘weather—'
the same affects all men;
but with The Lord alive inside
it’s shining e’er within!
Such Light for to exude without
wherever it should go
that all be drawn unto Him, causing
Light to come to know!

So simple be said parable
in such a world complex!
Light—it be so necessary,
yet many would it vex!
Let YOUR light so shine that all
be drawn toward The Truth!
It be so needed, whether they
be elder or be youth!!

Yes, YOU are that light IF you have Jesus living in your heart!  So shine, therefore, wherever you go that ALL be enlightened and drawn toward THE TRUE LIGHT: Jesus Christ!

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