Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Life gone RIGHT!

What a 'worldly' world we live in!  Things go on about us in which we have no choice.  However, there ARE more things going 'right' in life than there are going 'wrong!'  Just look around...

Softest shades of sunlight glow
as morning starts to wake;
still to make fall come aglow
across the mighty lake!
The colors of the rolling hills
alive and all around
so catch the sight of the alert
and certainly astound!

Making coffee as I watch
the workday formulate.
I take my cup out on the deck
and there I celebrate!
I celebrate His Presence and
the workings of His hand,
and listen close to His response
as I behold the land!

My Father in the morning as
the season comes about;
when it comes to 'living' know
that we are not without!
In spite of all that's going on,
in spite of daily 'noise,'
our loving God is in control
and He retains His poise!

Yes, I have listened to too many folks to number who argue that God has no control of this world in light of all that's going on.  However, THEY listen to me when I respond with encouragement and a kind word.  It's amazing how one's countenance changes when you start naming the 'good' as they are all talking about the 'bad!'  Try it!


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