Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Labor's Rewards

The end of one more busy day.  God provides the perfect sanctuary to rest, refill and restore.  Of course, He made it by hand!

As evening begins to tint
in Autumn afternoon,
the colors of the season shine--
what pleasures are to tune!
Duties of the day are past
and God, He brought success:
in every task and situation
He did greatly bless!
And even now, here in repose,
we are blessed with awesome sight!
The careful eye has o so much
in which it may delight:
the rolling hills...the running stream...
October's every hue...
even those upon the wing
enhance the vesper view!

The Father has variety
for all that will take heed!
It takes time and attention, and
it's valuable indeed!
Do not lose out on your fair share
by 'busying' your life
with minute things that steal the time
or generate worthless strife!

Yes, there is so much in this life vying for our time!  The more 'advanced' we get, it seems the busier we become!  Such should not be!  MAKE time to enjoy the simplicity of His creation and the restoration that comes from such!

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