Thursday, October 29, 2020


In a location, watching people interact with one another.  From this point, I can see a plethora of situations that require the gamut of our action and reaction.  It's called 'Life!"

Living--but so many are involved!
How many are the issues in the same?
Success would find me in a place much greater,
if only it were not for "what's-his-name!"
But the problems that we have with one another
are common unto every one at all!
So, in order that we may know 'progress,'
what's the ONE solution we must call?
For there is NOT one thing exclusive to us.
Jesus said He went through EVERYTHING;
and if we say that we belong unto Him,
unto that one solution we must cling!
My neighbor may cause me grief oh so often,
but am I an angel every day to him?
That person that I work with may be callous,
but is MY attitude not ever grim?

Each of us wear different shoes than others.
Every one of us has a cross to bear.
But, if we each claim to all be brothers,
then we each should be dispensing love and care!
Yea, there are those that yet remain 'unbearable,'
fortunately, they are few and far between;
but if we do our best at loving and caring,
there is so much, from each other, we may glean!

The Word of God adjures us to do our utmost to get along one with another.  It also recognizes that such will not always be the case.  That is not carte blanche for us to be smug with each other.  On the contrary.  The love of God within us is what enables us to love one another...regardless how intense life becomes.


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