Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Gift from God!

Gifted.  This you are, men, if you have a godly wife beside you as you go through this life.  I don't know about you, but THIS HOUSE could not function without the one I have!

As afternoon begins to paint
the land with many hues,
I finish up the daily chores
so I can see the views!
Oddly, it is early for
the tasks to come to end,
but that just means I'll have more time
to spend with my best friend!
For she's been just as busy, (I can
safely say, MUCH MORE!)
back at the house, tending to
each minute, daily chore.
So faithful she with household tasks
as I go everywhere;
though I may 'shine' in town, I come home
and she's ALWAYS there!

"What price can be put on such a gift?"
I ponder as I break.
If she were compensated, it would
TEN TIMES what I make!!!
For I but smile and take care of
the guests that come and go,
but she works tirelessly, seeing that
all else would smoothly flow!

"Oh God,  thank You once again
for that most-gifted wife
that You have fashioned with Your hand
and placed inside my life!
She's gifted, pretty and hard-working,
(though in the spotlight none!)
Yet, knowing I return to her each day
makes me KNOW that I have won!!"

Yes, a winner am I to have a dedicated, beautiful, godly and content woman waiting for me at the end of whatever kind of day I have had.  God is so good!  If only my 'paycheck' reflected all that she makes sure of to see that I am where I am when I should be, looking the way I should.  God knows it all, and only HE can reward her accordingly.


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