Sunday, October 4, 2020

Daily Declaration!

Once again, (and every morning!) I must put my foot down and declare Who the Victor is, exalting Him in worship and prayer... 

Away from me, all demons!  I will
bow to Christ alone!
My praise and adoration, 
it will rise unto His throne!
For He alone is worthy of
all glory and all praise!
When I am down, when I am hurt,
He comes to heal and raise!

He reaches out unto me...
He smiles gently so...
Everything my heart to need
does He completely know!
Even laughter do we share
in times that we commune;
precious moments, precious memories,
protection from all gloom!
And guaranteed protection from
the tactics of the foe!
The same comes from relation to
The Jesus that I know!
My Fortress and Defender,
my Shield and my Guard
is in relation that is never
difficult or hard!

He bids me to His throne;
we dine and we converse
in better and in worse!

Yes, it's all in Jesus!  Regardless how life is going...regardless situation...regardless of the spiritual warfare waging in all realms...Jesus Christ is everything and all, and He is able to sustain and prosper even YOU!  Invite Him to today!


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