Monday, October 5, 2020

Credit where it is due!

While I am the duck on top of the water moving along smoothly, it is my wife that is under the water, paddling with all she has...directing...steering...keeping things in order--including myself!
Yes, I am that successful guy in the window taking your money with a smile, asking how you're doing, but it is my wife that is the one driving me there, making sure I am on time, in a clean uniform and properly medicated!  Yes, it is she that is the one remembering where I should be and when!  As it is in most cases, the REAL heroes of the family, (or the company,) are the ones you seldom see!
I may get all the glory...the accolades...the fame.  It's because I am in the spotlight.  Most folks only know MY name.  That is so wrong! 
There is another one who causes such to be, and I would not be the man that I am if it were not for her!  I want everyone who reads this to know that I could not be who I am without DEBBY BUSBY!  For I could not even make it to that window if she were not willing to set her desires aside to make sure I am there!  (Nor would I have a guaranteed ride home when I get too tired to continue!)
In between, she pays the bills, keeps the house clean, and tends to other things that must be taken care of that bring little glory...lest this man gets them all messed up!  Thank you, honey!
Yes, be it known that I am successful not because of "me," but because of God, my wife and a little, tiny word called "we."  The check that has my name on it should have her name as well.  She sacrifices so much just so that I can "do."  Seldom does she fuss at all about the situation.  And there is not enough 'honor' out there that could be given her for such a relationship!

"Oh Lord, thank YOU for my wife,
so humble and so fair;
tough and tenacious she, however, 
when such a need be there!
Please elevate her, honor her,
o let her worth be known!
It is not right that 'accolades'
be referred to as "my own!"

I am a very, very fortunate and blessed man!

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