Friday, October 23, 2020

Coastal Hill

Stopped in my tracks to capture the sight before my eyes...hopefully with words!  I know that God will help me, however....

So lush and green the landscape
between here and the coast;
the blue of sky and ocean, though
to fill the sight the most!
The single island out at sea
today is crystal clear!
So fortunate be anyone
to find the vision here!
And generous be Mighty God
to speak this into being!
His handprint be on everything
that the pen is seeing!
It's up to me to find the words
so others see the same,
causing praise and adoration
to flow unto His Name!

So many, they, to reference this
as being 'paradise,'
BUT GOD has made a higher Place
that's vowed to be more nice!
'Til we see Heaven, though, we'll love
these sights He makes by hand
that stop us in our tracks to gaze--
for they're all across this land!!

You may not be here on a coastal hill, looking out across the ocean at an island, but I promise you there is somewhere near wherever you are that is just as glorious!  And don't forget to thank The Creator of it for sharing it with you!


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