Monday, October 19, 2020


A brand new day.  A fresh set of opportunities from God Most High to prosper from, to minister for Him, or to receive the same.  However, each day also has its challenges...

Each day has its challenges,
each day that we go through.
Some, they are quite visible,
the rest are not in view.
The test is how we face each one
and how we each react;
the key to overcoming them--
it NEVER is exact!
BUT GOD, He is a factor in
each challenge to arise!
He's not just sitting back and watching
from beyond the skies,
He is around and through us, wanting
us to do our best;
the same--it is the only way
to pass the daily test!

Each day to have its challenges
no matter who you are--
the lowest of employees or
the most beloved star!
Handle each in such a way
that glorifies The King,
and HE will assure that, in this life,
you can face anything!

Yes, no matter who you are, each and every day comes with a fresh new set of challenges.  BUT, you do not face them alone if you belong to Jesus!  Involve Him in all of your day and know The Victory that He is!

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