Monday, October 26, 2020


Yes, that's but one of the titles Jesus has if you belong to Him.  And trust me, in THIS day and age, we need Him more than ever!

The stress and the intensity-
they build as day goes on.
So grateful to have Jesus Christ
to cast all cares upon!
He knows the all of everything
that each of us goes through;
pain is...stress is...oh, but

No matter how big life becomes,
God's greater!  This is true!
The complications and frustrations
He already knew!
For in HIS timeline, all of this
is settled, in the past.
It's up to us to use His peace-
the ONLY peace to last!
So LIVE!  And trust the ONE Who knows
the beginning from the end!
So live--while knowing Christ as Lord,
and closer than a friend!
The chaos and intensity
will be until That Day,
but you can LIVE because He is
The Truth, The Life, The Way!!

Yes. we CAN live in spite of the intensities and complexities that seem to come out of nowhere and attempt to overwhelm.  Jesus has already overcome them so, with Him inside Your heart, you can overcome them as well!


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