Sunday, October 11, 2020

'But I must get to where I'm going...'

So is the attitude of most these days.  All the while, there is a marvelous and glorious world out there that we are missing...

Sparrows, robins, bluebirds and the doves
sample now the grain I've plenty of.
As autumn builds a quilt upon the ground,
a variety of creatures can be found!
For in the peace of early afternoon,
the sky reveals that rain may be here soon;
that's why so many friends upon the wing
accumulate all that they can as they sing!

Such goes unnoticed by most in the day,
but, from my deck, it's clearly on display

and appreciated by this pen
and, soon, to be dispersed unto all men!
And it may, perhaps, cause some to even pause
to look around...behold...and give applause
unto THE God Who orchestrates it all--
the Same, He yearns to hear each spirit call!

Have YOU noticed 'simplicity' today?
The very same is NOT 'out of the way!'
But merely cast your eyes on early fall
and listen for The Spirit's gentle call.
It only takes a moment of your day,
but the benefits of doing such outweigh
the schedules...deadlines...or the tasks at hand.
Just MAKE time for Him and you will understand!

So glorious, so simple, so beneficial is it to take note of and recognize God and His creation throughout your day, wherever you are, whomever you be.  He makes it all by hand and most of us just go through it as fast as we can to get to what we are doing.  Hmm...

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