Friday, October 30, 2020

Autumn Storm

The winds arose...the torrents fell.  Now, we look out at what it's left behind.  This time, however, it is a sight so glorious to behold!

As the storm continues on,
the remnants coat the land;
every color of the spectrum
that He has in hand
is scattered without order
everywhere you cast your eyes!
Beautiful surroundings as
the evening once more flies!

Jesus joins me as I gaze
at autumn's tapestry.
Listening, He answers prayer
regardless what life be!
He's such a welcome break from
everything that's going on,
and He reminds: all challenges,
someday, they will be gone!

Enjoying His assurance in
creation's precious scene,
while knowing that A Place awaits
more than we've ever seen!!
Clinging to that blest assurance
as we forge ahead
beholding awe and majesty
as we are Spirit-led!

Yes, storms come and go in this life.  Most of them are not pleasant!  A majority of them are devastating!  Some, however, leave behind beauty and magnificence!  Keep trusting and beholding the moving of His hand.


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