Thursday, October 15, 2020

Autumn Presence

The Presence of God Most High in plain sight: Autumn!  So many things be so constantly attempting to hinder, but don't let them!

As October continues
to paint the valley 'scape,
it grabs the eye and, though I labor,
makes me yearn to escape!
At least I get to take it in
my sight as I move on;
I do so knowing that such wonders,
too soon, will be gone.
And gone to be the temp we've been
enjoying now for weeks.
The winds are shifting, and the chill,
unto my body, speaks!
I do not like the language it
is using, though, IT HURTS!
Every joint that I must use,
the autumn breeze alerts!

Such is life, though, in the days,
yes, in the days that are.
No complaints, though, from THIS man,
God's gotten me this far!
One day at a time He leads
and no day be the same!
I'm grateful for each one of them
and I glorify His name!

Yes, for some of us, the departure of summer means aches and pains.  BUT GOD is faithful, and He continues to bless us in many other ways!  The 'pain' of the seasons shall not detract from the glory and the wonder of them, nor from the sheer awe of His Presence! 


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