Thursday, October 22, 2020

An Unexpected Word

The coffee is made.  Time to go out on the deck and join the Lord for our morning talk...

The grand creation that surrounds,
(which sunrise sets aglow!)
is merely setting for the talk
with Him mine all to know.
For we could sit for hours talking
about the beauty around,
but heart-to-heart do we converse
of issues that abound.
He knows how I am feeling--
the grief so deep of late
for those so close in so much pain
yet don't articulate;
and those with song who sail through life
but haven't got a clue
of what their destination is,
or what they're supposed to do!
And those alone that life has used
then forgotten they are there--
with just TV and phone, they wonder
"Does anybody care?"
For life goes on, so grand and glorious
on that TV set,
and for the popular and famous
with health that they have yet!
But do we care for those retired
or in a 'facility?'
Or those 'homebound' with just a 'hobby--'
do WE have empathy?

Hard questions does the Lord present
this morning in our talk.
With God, you cannot skirt the issue
or just outright balk!
You MUST respond to Him from the heart,
(He knows it anyway!)
Yes, hard questions as we share our coffee
and begin the day.

I came out here with my coffee to celebrate Autumn's glory and receive instructions from God and His Word.  Instead, He reached deep within me and presented some things that I was ignoring.  Can He do the same with YOU?


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