Friday, October 16, 2020

All in a NORMAL Day!

Life.  Intensity.  Regardless of the situation, God gives us the ability to deal with that intensity and frustration without hurting one another.  May we remember that as we go through each day.

The day is ordered.  All things have
been set up and arranged.
But how does one react if such
is muffed or rearranged?
The character of one shows forth
so clearly at such time--
will you explode, or take such things
in rhythm and in rhyme?
Something happened at the job,
I didn't get my way.
But how I handle such--it has
so very much to say!
I know He shuts and opens doors
according to His will,
so how this man reacts--it does
so very much instill!

"Lord, make me to be at peace with plans
that, somehow, go awry.
I know YOU know the reason.  I may
never know just why.
And this man would go crazy trying
to assess the same!
I accept it, knowing You have BETTER,
and give praise unto Your Name!"

Can YOU be at peace when things do not go exactly as planned?  An employee doesn't show order gets messed up...a shipment doesn't countless are the scenarios that MIGHT go wrong!  However, being a child of God, most of the time things go RIGHT.  And when they don't, something better usually takes place.  Trust HIM!

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