Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Afternoon Oasis

Once again, done with the chores of the day...victoriously!  I find, again, that simple, special place He has set aside for me to unwind...

Simple pleasures capture me
and seize me at a glance
as autumn winds kick up a bit,
making trees to dance!
As they freely shed their garments,
those of every shade,
Father God is glorified
in the wonders He has made!

As robust as the gusts become,
the little birds persist
to make it to those feeders, yet
with victuals to exist!
I thought they'd all be gone by now
so I let them run low--
the bluebirds and the sparrows,
they had sense enough to know!
And the melody of afternoon
inspires me to write.
The trees about...the hills...the stream
combine to so excite!
Even deer that graze afar
be entertaining so!
Simple pleasures in this life--
too numerous to know!

But I DO know The Maker of those simple pleasures, and He joins me here after work to enjoy the afternoon.  Know Him for yourself and enjoy the 'escape' He creates just for those who belong to Him!


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