Tuesday, October 20, 2020

A most welcome 'welcome!'

Awakened early by a most welcome sound!  And thanks to our new METAL roof, it sounds even more wonderful...

Raging is a thunderstorm--
the lightning and the wind;
normally, such happenings
around here are no friend!
However, in the early, it
is bringing needed rains!
It's been so dry here as of late
the hills look like the plains!
No complaints arise as we
get ready for the day.
There is so much that I must do,
and much for me to say;
first, however, I meet with God
and hear His every word--
a day beginning without Him
would be a day absurd!

The lightning strikes...the thunder rolls...
the wind and rain perform
as we prepare for labor in
the middle of a storm!
God yet reigns, life goes on,
and many folks expect
for us to be where we should be
so that we may connect!

Yes, the elements have their way this day; and I commune with God before I go and that which is expected of me...and maybe even go beyond.  So grateful be this man to have employment in the times and seasons that we live in these days!


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