Saturday, September 12, 2020

What Holds THIS Day?

A last-minute trip out of town to a place you've never been before.  There to try and accomplish something that you've never had to go through before.  Scary?  Of course!  But you are NEVER alone...anywhere...

Environs unfamiliar...
circumstances dire...
somewhere, not knowing anyone,
one's trust must be in Higher!
That Higher One is Jesus--and
He is but everywhere!
Thus, ANY unfamiliar place,
I fear not being there.

I'm here to do specific things
and much there is to be;
however, some 'divine appointments,'
find their way to me!
I'm getting done that which is to be,
while 'serving' at the same--
in the end, all glory goes
to Jesus' precious Name!

Where YOU are at, so foreign,
avail yourself at will.
God will see to your success,
and so provide a thrill!
Your steps--for they are ordered,
(though, unto you, unknown.)
There WILL BE glory for His Name
because you are His Own!

Whatever the circumstances be, we are to be ready at all times, and a closer walk with Jesus makes that possible!  I am ever so grateful for His accompaniment!


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