Tuesday, September 1, 2020

There Where Jesus Is!

Where Jesus walks and talks with me,
and living is far better,
there's no sickness, plague or handicap,
as He breaks every fetter!
There is a very gentle breeze
accompanying peace,
and We talk freely of His goodness-
as there's NOTHING to release!
For gone is every limitation
we've known in THIS life!
Gone is every hindrance, such as
anger, grief and strife!
And present be such wonderments
that we can't yet even know,
as, right now, we just cannot grasp
the perfection He will show!

Where Jesus walks and talks with me
as we all live in spirit--
I yearn for and so long to be,
I can even feel and hear it!!
But He whispers "Not just yet, my child,
there's still work to be done.
For you are finished, you are complete;
just don't forget YOU'VE WON!!"

Ah, yes, soon and very soon!  Keep pressing on, my friend.  Do not give up.  Do not give in.  For the battle has been fought and won...we only wait for the trumpet blast!


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