Saturday, September 5, 2020

'Time' Is Never Free!

Again, I am reminded that there are so many things that arise to merely steal our time, distract us or otherwise thwart HIS plans.  DON'T LET THEM!

So many are the issues
requiring our time.
A lot of them, they have no reason,
neither any rhyme!
Some of them should have been settled
centuries ago!
Nonetheless, the same persist--
our time to overthrow!

So many are the issues--
yet 'mere distractions' most.
And, constantly, the same arise
and get us so engrossed!
They embezzle us of that most precious,
which we can least afford:
they embezzle us of time itself,
The television...the internet...
even the evening news...
they are abounding with 'opinion'
and conflicting views!
All meant to steal that precious 'time'
He's given us each day;
will YOU avoid the trickery
or jump into the fray?

There be NO issue greater than
the time we spend with God.
Yet this world does its best to get us
to accept the fraud!
Play not into its evil plan!
Refuse to take the bait!
You will be all the stronger when
you're standing at His Gate!

Yes, I know we should stay informed, but let not the issues of the day embezzle you of the everlasting joy that Jesus paid for fully!  It is so easy to do with all of the outlets availed to us.  Just remember HIS balance!

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