Monday, September 14, 2020

Those SEVEN Words!

Traditions...foundations...'rituals?'  Surely, traditions are to be revered, but what if GOD wants change?  Can YOU handle that?

O make us not so 'stoic' that
the Lord cannot move free.
Please make us not so 'ritualistic'
that 'liberty' cannot be!
For God is newer every day
His mercies are, as well,
but if we refuse to move His way
are destined we to Hell?

"We've never done it that way..." but
HE is anew each day!
the enigma of His way!!
He is the same...He is anew...
He's more than man can know!
And His ways--they are the very best--
His blessings to bestow!

Release yourself unto His moving,
ALONG with what you've learned!
Be not so caught up that His moving
cannot be discerned.
And flow with that great moving, knowing
that HIS WAYS are best!
Your heart, your work, your very church
will abundantly be blessed!

A Pastor much wiser than myself taught a sermon in my past called "Seven words that will kill a church."  And those words are "...we've never done it that way before!"  Yes, we are to be firm in our belief, but we MUST allow Holy Spirit to move freely amongst us if we are to advance!


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