Sunday, September 20, 2020

The Daily Reward

Aaaahhh....the rest of the day off.  Get in the car.  A 10 minute drive.  Home, away from everything and...there it is!

So vast and mighty be the mountains
from upon the plain!
Gazing at them after work
goes so far to sustain!
After the duties...after the drama...
away from all the 'news...'
time may have dragged, but now I enjoy
the awe of landscape views!

Yea, rush me not as I commune
with Him Who makes the sights!
He joins me on the patio
and savors my delights!
As I describe the vast expanse
ahead that goes for miles,
He says to me "I know, My son,"
and looks at me and smiles!

The meadows and the mountain range
upon a sunny day--
so very perfect an escape
from the frantic fray;
provided, though, but everyday
unto me without price,
and unto ALL--make sure that, such,
YOU do not sacrifice!

Too many people I know and talk with are trying to accumulate as much as they can as fast as they can...whatever the price!  In doing so, however, they have no time to enjoy such simple wonders!  Make sure that YOU are not one of them!


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